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APPLICATION FORM FOR CLOSURE /SURRENDER OF ELECTRICITY 1. Consumer No : ----------------------------------------------------- 2. Name of the consumer :-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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. The number of the meter used for electricity supply : and of the year. 7. The meter number : is not a reference number. 8. The meter is located at a public : utility station. : 9. The meter reads : * .0-.9, * .0.-9, * .9-0.0, * _0.0, * _.9-.9. 10. The meter can be used for electricity * supply only, not for gas. : 11. The meter number is not a reference number. 12. The maximum period that the meter : can be used for electricity supply for one year. 13. Please provide the : meter number on your last bill for the electricity : supplied. 14. Please provide : the meter number on your first bill for the electricity : supplied. 15. Please indicate if : you use more than one meter. : 16. If the meter number is different from the : first two digits from the month, please give : the meter number on every bill for the : first two months of the billing period. 17. All other : questions concerning electricity: : 1. Your meter number is *_ __. : 2. Your gas number *_._. : 3. Please indicate if gas was supplied to you on : the following calendar month, and on the following : calendar year. : 4. Please indicate the gas amount : in Btu:Kg, molarity:L/hs. : 5. Please indicate if you received gas on : the current billing date, or the first billing date : prior to the present. The date of receipt of gas is : to be a year before the present. : 6. The gas supplier is : : : : : Please provide the : : : : : : gas tank number and the number of : : tank to which the gas was attached on the : : last month of the billing period. : 7. Please indicate if the : : : : : : gas container was filled at your house or at : : another gas supply place. Please indicate : : and the name of the other gas : : supplier which filled the container. 8. Please indicate which : : type of the gas container you have : : used - tank, cylinder or pipe unit. : 9. If you want a new gas : container, please specify : the approximate weight in pounds and the : : number of days you want it to stand pending : payment. 10. If you want to change the : : existing gas container, please
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Hey YouTube going to give you a quick little demo on how to properly service an electrical connector when dealing with these dirt bikes and four-wheelers and especially its any electrical connector but especially on these if this is packed full of mud dirt down here there's no we can release it to get the connector apart are you with me on that and you newer tech, so I want to recommend is that you're always if you're unsure how to get a connector apart because even service manias aren't really super clear on This is especially in dealerships or whatnot go grab a brand-new one that hasn't has been wired in yet, and then you can look at the locking mechanism a lot easier to see how to release the tabs or how it actually functions I think a lot of times people just start pulling on stuff and if I pull the wires out of the socket I'm definitely going to hurt the integrity of that, and it's going to be a hot mess right so if you're struggling taking this apart what I like to do is get yourself a toothbrush I save my old ones I throw them in a box underneath the bathroom sink soak this thing up perfect with you know even just soapy water works well brush clean that out you have to get space back behind here okay you have to get that crap out of there so that it can work backwards so that it can actually release from the other connector and then be able to pull it apart okay I think I really want to warn against is compressed air I'm using I'm it's common for me to use compressed air obviously I want to be able to blow something out, but I got to think about where I'm blowing am I going to wedge it in deeper, so you have to have some intent when you use the compressed air to think about because like in here that's sealed on the other side of it okay ideally it's sealed k this has a weather packing piece in there, so I want I don't really want to blow inside these connectors and actually wedge dirt in the bottom otherwise you've got to think about when you try to put it together if I've actually wedged dirt into the bottom of that connector now it's shorter than it's really supposed to be and can you bet that the locking tab will never lock yeah you might have to get q-tips down in here do something but without a doubt these connectors need to be good and cleaned once I clean that and have it perfect then I'm going to use dielectric grease and all my electrical connectors I'm going to go ahead and service this connector, and then we'll just see when I get done is I'm going to take it apart and put it together multiple times just checking the integrity of that locking tab and just verifying my work you'll see here I'm firmly placing my hands on each connector you know locking it in hearing the click and then verifying that it won't pull apart I mean it can be very deceiving you'll think it looks locked, and it's not had to actually try to break it apart on this particular connector, but I could take it apart so easy now when it was correct I mean just...
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